APS: RSD-S (Single) PLC

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Product Description

APsmart is a rapid shutdown system that meets Sunspec requirements for module level rapid shutdown. This system meets all NEC rapid shutdown requirements for building mounted solar systems. One RSD-S-PLC unit is installed on each module. This small sized unit easily clips to the edge of the module frame with included clips for a low profile easy to wire, neat install. The RSD-S-PLC units keep a connection between the PV module and string wiring so long as there is a keep alive signal on the power line. The power line signal is supplied by a rapid shutdown PLC transmitter. The operation is simple, if power is supplied to the transmitter they will turn on, if that power is interrupted, they will turn off.

This system is compatible with many charge controls or inverters. Some inverters come with a transmitter already installed in it, such as the SMA Sunny Boy inverters. For other inverters and charge controls the TRANSMITTER-PLC can be installed with the PV output cables running through the core. This transmitter is powered by 12 VDC, via output from the inverter (Sol-Ark) or an AC to 12V, or DC to 12V power supply. For rapid shutdown a switch on that power supply is used. There may also be a need for a method to turn off the charge control to effect full rapid shutdown of the PV output cables. A switch on the PV output cables near the inverter or charge control also will initiate rapid shutdown of the PV array.

Each RSD-S-PLC unit comes with two MC4 module connectors on 9.8 inch pigtails, and two string series pigtails each 47 inches long with MC4 connectors. Listed to UL1741; CSA C22.2 No.330-17; IEC/EN62109-1; 2PFG2305


  • Safe
    • Meets NEC 2017 (690.12) requirements
    • Meets SunSpec interoperability specifications
  • Reliable
    • Automatic shutdown
    • AC breaker switched off, rapid shutdown enabled
  • Powerful
    • 15A Maximum Cont. Input Current (Imax)
    • 800W Maximum Input Power
  • Easy Install
    • Technical support from SMA’s #1 ranked service organization
    • Bi-facial module, split J-box application

Features & Attributes


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