ZnShine: ZXM7-SH108-400/M

Features & attributes:

Thickness:        30 mm

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Product Description


The ZNshine Solar 400 watt solar panels have a beautiful all black design with high power density. The solar panel is made of 108 mono black solar cells and has an efficiency up of 20.48%. ZNShine Solar is a Tier1 solar panel manufacturer with over 34 years of manufacturing experience. Their solar panels have scored as a top performer in the DNV GL solar panel reliability scorecard. These solar panels are a great option for people looking for a high efficiency, sleek all black design at an economical price point.


  • Excellent solar panel efficiency. Advanced technology to reduce the distance between solar cells and finer grid lines which allows high power density.
  • Tier 1 bankable brand with independently certified advanced automated manufacturing process which produces high quality solar panels.
  • All black design provides superior aesthetics.
  • Better low light illumination response. More power output in low light conditions, such as haze, cloudy, and early morning.
  • Built tough to withstand harsh environments such as salt air, ammonia, sand, high temperature and places with high humidity.


  • 25 Year Power Warranty (covers power production with expected annual degradation of the power output)
  • 12 Year Product Warranty (covers manufacturing defects, faulty wiring and premature wear and tear)
  • 98% Power output in the first year
  • 92% Power output at year 10
  • 84% Power output at year 25

Features & Attributes

Thickness:        30 mm


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